Silverlight blueprint for SharePoint

Dear reader,

Just a short note this time: Microsoft has announced the Silverlight blueprint for SharePoint today. It contains source code and guidance for developers working with Silverlight on websites and webparts.


MOSS buzz

There’s quite a buzz going on about Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007) in the world right now.

Microsoft must be quite pleased — judging from the amount of communications and marketing — about the fact that their 2008 MOSS conference at Seattle was sold out with over 3,200 registered people.

The last time I went to a .NET course at FC Sovelto in December 2007, there were 4 or 5 MOSS courses going on at the same and I bet that’s 10 – 20% of all the simultaneously ongoing courses in the company!

There’s also recently been quite a lot of demand for MOSS 2007 specialists in the Finnish as well as international job advertisements and I believe the platform has spread worldwide like plague (but in a good way :-).

All this is good to know, because even if the system is a great enterprise platform (at least when combined with Dynamics CRM for customer relationship management and BizTalk for defining and deploying the business logic), it is still not a perfect product. And in this case I believe there to be strenght in numbers: the more people there are complaining about MOSS’s certain bugs or missing features, the more likely they will come in a future SP or main release.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 user survey

Dear Reader,

Microsoft has released a MOSS 2007 user survey yesterday in order to further develop future MOSS versions. I’m being positive here and think answering might make a difference, so please go on and fill the survey (and remember to nag about the bugs and other still missing or badly thought-out features)!

Direct link: To the survey.

Problem with Telerik RadEditor for MOSS 2007

Dear reader,

One of the great aspects of internet is that whenever you have a problem, you can always Google it down and search for other people having the same problem, and perhaps even a solution for it (at least, if you were intelligent enough to invest on things other people use as well).

The Problem

Telerik RadEditor for MOSS 2007Last week I found out that an important MOSS feature called reusable content did not work at all in Telerik’s RadEditor for MOSS 2007. This editor is an add-on to MOSS, replacing the native content editor.

Otherwise the Telerik editor is a gem, because unlike the standard MOSS editor, it allows a lot more configuring and for instance, provides an easy way of attaching flash content to a page, for a not-yet-guru-level web content feeder.

As unfortunate as it is that the RadEditor is for now not able to support reusable content, it is nice to know I’m not alone with this problem, though. I hope it does not take long for the next release, which hopefully also will carry a fix to this bug!

There have, however, been other smaller bugs as well with the editor. For example, paragraphing is not very logical in the ‘WYSIWYG mode’. Pressing enter in it creates a <br /> line break, as does pressing shift + enter. But pressing ctrl + enter creates two <p></p> <p></p> paragraphs. Hmm…

Reusable Content

Reusable content is a MOSS 2007 feature used to insert a sort of a dynamic section in the midst of other content, and whenever you edit the item in question in the reusable content list, it is updated everywhere it is used in. A lot better solution compared to using e.g. a single html file shown in an iFrame on many pages, as used to be the case in a certain company.

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