VNA Cards, 1-2-3 homemade DIY

Dear Reader,

VNA cards, tools to DIYI was introduced to VNA cards a week ago at a seminar held at the Finnish Broadcasting Company’s (YLE‘s) facilities. After the seminar the participants were gathered to join a workshop. The idea was to innovate new web concepts using VNA cards. The cards were randomly selected and given to groups of people, who would then mix n’ match the V(erbs), N(ouns) and A(djectives) and try to create ideas for a new web service from that. Some great ideas arose. I became aware of the power of the VNA cards and got hooked.

The VNA cards originate from the game industry, which, no doubt, needs tools such as these. They were developed in cooperation with the Tampere University, or so I was told. The VNA cards are most powerful at helping when no boundaries or preliminary ideas exist. Because using them was both efficient and enjoyable, I wanted to try them myself. @Tuija was kind enough to point me to the right direction, and I got the VNA card templates. Next, I bought cardboard paper and glue, printed out the VNA cards and I was ready to cut & paste — the old way.

Here’s what you need to DIY:

  • 12 sheets of A4 sized (210 x 297 mm / 8.3″ x 11.7″) cardboard paper
  • Glue (don’t make the mistake I did: get a running glue, not a paper glue such as the one on the picture)
  • The VNA cards
  • A good knife to cut the cards out
  • A ruler might be good, so you can flatten the air pockets when gluing down the papers and cardboard

And here’s what to do:

  1. Print out the cards
  2. Glue them on both sides of the cardboard sheet
  3. When the glue has dried down, cut the cards out

The whole thing cost 10.04€ at Tiimari hobby store, and I got a few extra sheets of cardboard, just in case. The knife I already had, but those you can buy from any hardware store. Quite inexpensive, huh?

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