GAIC certificate previews

Dear reader,

Google has made it possible to share your Google Analytics or AdWords test results. You can decide what information to share and what tests to share, and will be given a link to the results. Here’s a link to my GAIC test that I blogged about earlier.

To create yours, here’s what to do:

  1. Go to the Google Testing Center and sign in to your account.
  2. Click the Manage Your Test Records link.
  3. Click the Add link.
  4. On the next screen, select the information that you want included in the test record. The Description can be any name you want; you’ll be the only one who sees this name.
  5. Click Save. You’ll now see a test record.
  6. Click the Description name to get the link. You can share your test record by copying and pasting the link.(Taken from the GA team’s marketing e-mail about sharing test results)

Google Analytics new features 10/2009

Dear reader,

Google AnalyticsMore echo for the announcement of the new GA features on 20th October 2009? No. Although, I too, see these as absolutely brilliant and necessary improvements, today I’m writing out of discontent. This is because I’m seeing everyone else cheer the excellency of the new improvements, and I cannot access them on any of my Google Analytics profiles or accounts. This sucks.

On another blog I then found out that the features are not rolled out on every account at the same time, but in steps. Google, I’m asking you to please include a golive roadmap in the future for similar release announcements! Or at least clearly state that you’re not giving out the features to everyone just yet.

Other than that, I praise the Google Analytics team for the short update release intervals. If we’re seeing a new update with feature improvements come out every half year in the future, Google will evidently make it even more difficult to move from GA to other more robust but seriously more costly solutions and will be catching up on them anyway.

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