MOSS buzz

There’s quite a buzz going on about Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007) in the world right now.

Microsoft must be quite pleased — judging from the amount of communications and marketing — about the fact that their 2008 MOSS conference at Seattle was sold out with over 3,200 registered people.

The last time I went to a .NET course at FC Sovelto in December 2007, there were 4 or 5 MOSS courses going on at the same and I bet that’s 10 – 20% of all the simultaneously ongoing courses in the company!

There’s also recently been quite a lot of demand for MOSS 2007 specialists in the Finnish as well as international job advertisements and I believe the platform has spread worldwide like plague (but in a good way :-).

All this is good to know, because even if the system is a great enterprise platform (at least when combined with Dynamics CRM for customer relationship management and BizTalk for defining and deploying the business logic), it is still not a perfect product. And in this case I believe there to be strenght in numbers: the more people there are complaining about MOSS’s certain bugs or missing features, the more likely they will come in a future SP or main release.

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