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FL Studio 8Dear Reader,

Two important news from Image-Line were published last week. The long-awaited new version, FL Studio 8, was released, and the sequencer also reached its 10th anniversary. I’ve had the chance to meddle with the new version a bit (although not nearly as much as I would like), and must say there are some quite nice improvements.

For me the two biggest changes in the software must be the new modular software synthesizer, SynthMaker, and finally a good native limiter/maximizer, which I have anticipated for too long. The SynthMaker seems to be a bit buggy, but how could I not forgive, since it all comes with the free lifetime updates included in the online version of FL Studio XXL package. The FL Limiter is one of the best software limiter/maximizers I’ve seen so far and I am really happy it has at last been included. It seems to be an infernal marketing decision from Image-Line to include the limiter’s big brother, Maximus demo version, as immediately after testing, I’m thinking about when I’ll be able to buy it.

One thing, though, that I’m still missing from FL is the ability to select and edit multiple parameters at once, especially in the mixer. It will be the number one update whenever this feature becomes part of FL.

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