MySpace Analytics for artists

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Logging to my MySpace account tonight, I was delighted to see that MySpace has a new analytics dashboard for artists! Although it only shows little information for now such as song plays and friends’ demographics, it is definitely a move towards the right direction. I’m also delighted to see that different social media platforms are more and more beginning to collaborate – they know they have to. I enjoy being able to feed my status to my Twitter, MySpace and Facebook profiles as this simply saves time.

Nonetheless, Social Media Analytics is still a mere infant and has a hard n’ long way to go. There are various SMA tools on the market but none of them handles communities that are shrouded behind passwords. None of these tools can read Facebook walls, to put it another way around.


New Google AdPlanner GUI

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This morning I was delighted as I was greeted with an e-mail from Google stating they had just renewed the Google AdPlanner interface.

Google AdPlanner is a service with which one can define the most suitable websites for advertising to desired target group. You can also build media plans with the websites that best respond to your target group demographics.

If you’re a site owner, you can add information on how to advertise on your site and with which formats, to ensure potential advertisers will find the relevant information from the tool they’re using to build their media plans. You can also share Google Analytics data to let those potential advertisers know what your site would be worth for them.

The new GUI is a lot easier to use, resembles AdWords a lot and is far less buggy than the previous one. Now go try it and dazzle your Marketing Managers with data!

Chief Web and Chief Internet Officers (CWO, CIO)

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Today I accidentally surfed on this blog post about Chief Web Officers. I must say I’m with the blog post in that companies and corporations of this age should start considering hiring top-level officers to be in charge of the company’s whole web environment and presence. There are way too many wrong paths that can be taken with web strategy and way too many evil n’ greedy consultants. 😉

What would be the characteristics of a company that would be in need of a high-ranking web officer? Big enough, large enough web environment, business concentrated on the web — what do you think? I would really like to hear your comments and if you’ve ran across any companies with CWOs yet?

Headliner: Google

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Google is in the headlines right now. Earlier today I trackbacked TechCrunch’s article about the rumour of Google acquiring Digg. Later on I found Google Operating System’s contrasting article on the same subject.

Another thing I found out about today is Google’s new article repository, Knol. A bit Wikipedia-like endeavour for creating articles but with the exception that the writers of articles are clearly shown on each article or haven been given the credit for written articles. Read more about and test Knol here.

Google offers $200 million for Digg?



Dear Reader,

TechCrunch has released news about Google looking to buy Digg for $200 million. There had been rumours on this already in March this year. Interestingly Google has been experimenting with Digg-like features in their search lately.

New features coming up in iGoogle!

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Google is going to enhance its iGoogle service by integrating functionalities from Google Reader, Gmail, Chat, etc. into iGoogle’s soon renewed GUI. This is currently tested by a bunch of lucky few.

Check out the Google Operating System blog along with instructions on how to be able to test it yourself!! Magnificient!

The future of Google search – new functionality on its way

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Googles new search functionalities


Lately Google has been experimenting with very Digg and Wikia-like new search functionality. The research, according to Techcrunch, has actually started already a year ago. There seems to be only a handful of lucky test drivers at the time being.

The new search under testing consist e.g. of the ability to rate search engine results with ‘thumb down’ / ‘thumb up’ rating system as well as enables user comments on each result with similar rating system for each comment. The comments can be later edited as well as the ratings.

It is also possible to go and look at all the other commentators profiles and see the comments they have made on search results (provided they have commented while being logged in with their Google Account). If one isn’t logged in, the ‘user name’ on each comment will show as Unknown.

One can also remove results from the personal view or move results from latter result pages to the first one! I’ll make an educated  guess: this probably adds up somewhere deep on a Google server and in time can reduce or add the target site’s search engine ranking..?

Check the video on Techcrunch explaining some of the new features:

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