ISTQB foundation testing certificate

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It so happened that I took a test for the ISTQB foundation level testing certificate today. I don’t know if I’ve passed yet, but I have some mixed feelings about the test. Googling it down after taking the test I found this blog post by James Bach that had some interesting points about the ISTQB as well as other testing certificates.

The test had 40 questions and 1 hour to complete them. On the certificate course, followed by the exam, we were warned of the test being guileful because of the word-play incorporated in it. James Bach had similar comments to say about it. Although I might not agree with everything he says in the blog post, unfortunately I must share Mr. Bach’s take on the test being too concentrated on semantics. Don’t get me wrong, I love semantics and linguistics (especially when it concerns the Germanic language tree), but this test might just put too much weight on that side instead of actually testing how well one knows the subject of testing. Maybe half of the questions were arranged so that additional time had to be spent just to try to understand the question correctly, but the other half consisted of relevant and not deliberately messed up questions. We were also warned of questions with double negatives (e.g. “I do not disagree”) but I don’t think I spotted any (might be my mistake, though). Nevertheless, I think the certificate training course was spot on for the foundation level — i.e. “[..]aimed at anyone involved in software testing”, as stated on the ISTQB website. It gives a good outline for the basic concepts, testing techniques, test planning and tools.

Taking the test soon? Even though I don’t know if I passed yet, I thought I’d share a couple of things you might want to consider when preparing for the test:

  • Memorize the terminology, but also understand the underlying concepts because the test might use a bit stirred up terminology
  • Go through the first answering round quickly and then go back to questions you have marked difficult, this way you’ll ensure you have answered something to all 40Q’s
  • Be alert when reading the questions. Look for double negatives and fully understand the question before answering it
  • It helps to have even a bit of coding background. If you don’t, at least understand this much about flowcharts:

Two acquisitions

Dear reader,

Yesterday and today two rather interesting company acquisitions took place in the internet field. First, yesterday Adobe announced having bought one of the leading web analytics software vendors, Omniture, and today Google announced to have obtained reCaptcha. Omniture’s acquisition by Adobe has shaken the web analytics world quite a bit, at least judging from the numerous tweets and blog echoes around the web. Here’s some thoughts on the acquisition bya former Omniture employee, Adam Greco.

The law of leaky abstractions

A good writing by Joel Spolsky: “The law of leaky abstractions”.  Even if it’s age old (2002) and humorous, it still applies today.

My latest website

Dear reader,

Stoneware Oy web siteAnother website to create and administrate… Well, this one I promised for a friend of mine who kindly enough helped me and my band in building our studio room (which, by the way, involved a lot of work).

The website is for above mentioned friend’s small building & construction company, Stoneware Oy. Unfortunately the page is in Finnish only as their target customer base is in Finland.

The site is not yet totally ready, as I also promised e.g. a nice animated Flash header showing off their reference case photos as soon as they’d deliver me some photos. But we’ll get there. Eventually…


Mandatory introductory entry

Dear reader,

As I believe it is beneficial to write down whatever one is currently learning or has interest in, I thought why not make it a blog instead of filling up my drawer or hard-drive with articles. In this blog one can expect to see entries on things that I take interest in, namely:

  • web design in general,
  • Microsoft technologies,
  • MOSS 2007,
  • graphic design and
  • audio production

However, I reserve the right to write about any and every subject that crosses my mind even if not listed here. 🙂

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