Google Japan penalized by Google

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Funny things happen in the cyberworld. Google Japan did a campaign paying for bloggers to link and blog nicely of them in order to boost the campaign. The result? Mother company Google penalized them by lowering the PageRank of Google Japan from 9 to 5.


Live search regains its share with Live Cashback

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Microsoft Live Cashback

Microsoft Live Cashback

After launching the new Live Cashback feature on Live search, Microsoft has regained its previously lost share in the search engine market. Live Cashback, as Techcrunch put it, goes straight for Google’s throat by moving from CPC (cost-per-click) to CPA (cost-per-action), meaning that a lot of the revenue is given back to users! As speculated on Techcrunch, this is both desperate and brilliant tactics.


Read more about Cashback on Microsoft Live
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Try out Microsoft Live

The future of Google search – new functionality on its way

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Googles new search functionalities


Lately Google has been experimenting with very Digg and Wikia-like new search functionality. The research, according to Techcrunch, has actually started already a year ago. There seems to be only a handful of lucky test drivers at the time being.

The new search under testing consist e.g. of the ability to rate search engine results with ‘thumb down’ / ‘thumb up’ rating system as well as enables user comments on each result with similar rating system for each comment. The comments can be later edited as well as the ratings.

It is also possible to go and look at all the other commentators profiles and see the comments they have made on search results (provided they have commented while being logged in with their Google Account). If one isn’t logged in, the ‘user name’ on each comment will show as Unknown.

One can also remove results from the personal view or move results from latter result pages to the first one! I’ll make an educated  guess: this probably adds up somewhere deep on a Google server and in time can reduce or add the target site’s search engine ranking..?

Check the video on Techcrunch explaining some of the new features:

Google penalizing long landing page load times

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GoogleDuring the next few weeks Google will begin penalizing long page load times on AdWords landing pages as load time is incorporated in Google’s Quality Score. I believe this is a good thing because it will help in increasing usability and accessibility on web sites utilizing Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

7 Most important webmaster central blog entries

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There’s a good summarizing blog entry by Susan Moskwa of the Official Google Webmaster Central blog that links to the seven most important webmaster central blog entries. Go read and enjoy!

Google video sitemaps

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As you may already know, Google has released Video Sitemaps along the widely used Google Sitemaps protocol. Actually the latter one probably shouldn’t be called Google Sitemaps, as it is a protocol also accepted by Yahoo! and Microsoft Live search engines.

As sitemaps are created to assist search engines in indexing your site content, the video sitemaps are there to assist Google in finding your site’s video content.

Here’s the catch, though: the Video Sitemap protocol is not (yet)  accepted by any other search engine besides Google and so shouldn’t be mixed with the existing (web) Sitemap protocol. So, basically you have to update two different sitemaps, which can be quite toilsome if done manually.

However, there already seems to be a free solution to this: However, since I haven’t yet utilized either the Video Sitemaps nor the nor the program, I cannot yet recommend Video Sitemap Pro.

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