Passed Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) test

Dear Reader,

Google Analytics IQ test, Rami Karhu

Google Analytics IQ test

I’m congratulating myself for having just passed the Google Analytics Individual Qualification test. I thought the test was almost easy in the end although my score was (only?) 86% right (75% correct answers needed to pass). Most of the questions were not very hard and even though there were 70 questions in all, I had answered them in approximately 30 minutes not counting a couple of marked questions that I reviewed after completing the rest. The test has a 90 minute time limit.

The video tutorials on the Conversion University Help page were really helpful and most questions were actually almost directly taken from the video material. The test has been available from the beginning of March 2009 and I’m now the 819th to be certified.


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  1. Hello,

    Could you please suggest what we should focus on before taking this test? I heard there is plenty of cookie, regular expressions, filters, profiles, subdomains and connection between Analytics and Adwords questions.

    For regular user (who usually only checking and exporting reports) is a “Black Magic” and need to know if there have been many questions within the “difficult” zone.

    Thanks in advance,


    • Actually, my suggestion would be just to view all the videos at Google Conversion University. I found the videos really useful and since most, if not all of the questions are pretty much taken straight out of the material covered in the videos, I cannot stress this enough.

      All of the things you mentioned were asked about at least once during the test so make sure you have viewed and understood the videos covering these subjects. Also, whether you’re currently using AdWords or running an eCommerce site or not I’d recommend not to skip these videos either.

      Nevertheless, bear in mind this IQ test is more of a can-you-install-and-configure-GA test than a certificate test for Web Analytics professionalism, so it doesn’t really delve deeply into e.g. how to measure or analyse something.

  2. I just failed my test, my job is in jeopardy. Felling pretty down. I´ve study for a month, it´s really pathetic. I need to get a GOOD score on 3 days from now. Felling unable of doing so. This is not my area of expertice, I do interactives, videos an so.

    • I got only 67%.

      Regards from Mexico

    • I am sorry to hear that. I am only able to help so far as to suggest you to put some time aside today and patiently review the Google Analytics tutorial videos at Conversion University. I cannot stress enough how important they are for doing well on the test. Best of luck for the retake, and please come back to comment on how it went!

  3. […] Google has made it possible to share your Google Analytics or AdWords test results. You can decide what information to share and what tests to share, and will be given a link to the results. Here’s a link to my GAIC test that I blogged about earlier. […]

  4. Congrats webgrizzly, great post.

    I have written an article with tips for taking the test, including information about the exam, most important topics to prepare, and key resources. I thought it could be useful for others so I wanted to share it:



  5. how many questions we can marked in google analytics iq test? can we marked all the questions in google analytics iq test?

    • Sorry wstseo, I didn’t quite catch this. Could you rephrase the question, please?

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