New search engine to harness librarians as a source for web page trustworthiness!

Dear Reader,

It has been quiet for some time in Webgrizzly’s camp. Or maybe more like deathlike silence.

Nonetheless, here’s some good news. A new search engine is on its way. So where’s the good news, one might ask? The good news is that this time its results won’t be based on popularity but on trustworthiness! At least this is what Reference Extract is aiming for and something that I wholeheartedly welcome as a bright idea in the otherwise link popularity driven search result world.

RefEx’s (as it is abbreviated) idea is perhaps still in its infancy, as only librarians are currently thought to be trustworthy enough to determine the relevancy of any one link and thus how well it will do in the engine’s results. While I don’t think librarians are defaultly any more trustworthy than others and suffer from same defects as most :), I believe this is a step in the right direction as, to make it loud and clear, internet is currently full of shite — and has been, for most of its lifespan. We need a search engine that can deliver a bit more trustworthy results than the otherwise great Google. And maybe this will even trigger some changes in Google’s, Yahoo!’s or Live’s camps, which would be much welcomed.

Planning Reference Extract -blog
An article in ARS Technica covering Reference Extract



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  1. I’ll be on the lookout for this new search engine RefEx. I hope its layout would be simple like that of I don’t like search engines with so much clutter on its home page.

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