Google Chrome – a new player for the web browser market

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Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Google accidentally published a comic explaining some of the functionalities in their new web browser, Chrome. After realising this, they hurried to write a blog post about the browser and are launching it today. The browser makes some use of the technology of Firefox and Apple’s web kit. It also seeks to enhance the web surfing experience by being able to process multiple processes at any one time, in different tabs.

See also how the Mozilla CEO commented on their partner’s new, competing browser.


2 Responses

  1. […] I posted an entry on the new web browser by Google, Chrome. Today I found out through various other blogs that the Terms of Service for Google Chrome are […]

  2. i’m currently “test-driving” Chrome to see if it’s really that much faster than either Firefox or IE… in any case it will most likely be FireFox that is hardest hit by Chrome’s release

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