Live search regains its share with Live Cashback

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Microsoft Live Cashback

Microsoft Live Cashback

After launching the new Live Cashback feature on Live search, Microsoft has regained its previously lost share in the search engine market. Live Cashback, as Techcrunch put it, goes straight for Google’s throat by moving from CPC (cost-per-click) to CPA (cost-per-action), meaning that a lot of the revenue is given back to users! As speculated on Techcrunch, this is both desperate and brilliant tactics.


Read more about Cashback on Microsoft Live
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Try out Microsoft Live


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  1. Very interesting move by Move by the Microsoft. But still if they don’t provide a good service there is no use in going for the low cost. If the Live search starts giving out their best service then this would obviously be a good deal for them as well as for the advertisers.

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