Future Audio Workshop Circle

Dear reader,

Just recently I bought a nice new VSTi software synthesizer called Circle by Future Audio Workshop that I would like my readers to know about.

I’ve now meddled with the synth a few evenings and think that so far it has one of the most user friendly GUIs I’ve ever seen in a VSTi software synth! (actually, to be precise, it also comes as standalone, AU, RTAS versions.)

Assigning LFOs (Low Frequency Oscillator) or envelopes to affect practically anything is made easy with a drag and drop function of colour coded circles around the interface.

Each LFO, envelope, sequencer etc. has its own colour coded circle that you can drag on almost any function. This makes e.g. morphing from one waveform to another extremely easy, especially so as Circle comes with a good number of oven-ready waveforms, even exotic ones.

Some of the key features are:

  • 4 Oscillators (Analog / Wavetable)
  • 1 Noise Oscillator, 1 Feedback Oscillator
  • Other modules can be changed and include different modulators and effects
  • A Native Instruments like sound ‘tagging’ function
  • An excellent sound bank folder function to keep the sounds in order
  • ‘Drag and drop’ assign different modulators to different targets
  • Vista enabled

There are a couple of things they could have done better or that I’d hope to see in a future update:

  • No ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ buttons for quickly going through presets (with this synth even the usually default FL Studio next/prev buttons aren’t present)
  • Either I’m just plain stupid or there seems to be a small bug in the sequencer. If I assign it to affect the coarse knob of the oscillators, it seems to raise the tune by one step at the end of the sequencer steps even if the sequencer is playing a flat note line. If I make changes to the sequencer steps, they seem to be in tune
  • I’d love the interface to float so that I could drag and drop different ‘modules’ (LFO’s, Oscillators, etc) and change their place
  • I’d also love to be able to alter the order of different effects and modulators

Future Audio Workshop Circle comes packed with a big bunch of preset sounds. For $199 / 149 € it is definitely worth the money.



2 Responses

  1. this is the best vst ever.

  2. Hi. I just bought the same software as you are. But I think I have a tiny problem.

    I had made a lot of sounds using Circle. But then, what? How do I use the sound I had made?

    Please email me.


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