Sequencers and Windows Vista

Dear reader,

As it isn’t a long time since I bought my very first laptop with pre-installed Windows Vista Premium and wanted to turn it into a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), I thought I’d open this can of worms.

To be honest, I was still under the impression that most (semi-)professional sequencer software and music production tools did not support Vista at all but it seems this has changed since the last time I checked. In my setup, Vista had to make room for the good ol’ XP, partially because I was unaware of which programs would support Vista (I was especially concerned with the VSTi’s), and more so because Vista consumes more CPU and RAM than XP. Then again, I’ve always lagged behind in the platform contest – my old computer still has Windows 2K Pro installed, although now that I have my new notebook, the old computer has become a web browser instead of the wannabe-DAW it once used to be. 🙂

Anyway, now that I’ve seen the light and know that the most common sequencers at least partially support Vista – here’s a short list:

Support for both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows Vista

Support for only the 32 bit Vista


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  1. Thanks for the info. Just about to get back into music making after a long time away.

    I’ve not been impressed by Creative’s lack of proper audio drivers for Vista, so hopefully other manufactureres of audio hardware better support their products.

  2. Thank you for your comment.

    Although I’m probably not the best person to judge different audio cards, nor do I have extensive experience in them, I might adivise to take a look at other options than Creative.

    There are a lot of better choices both in budget range as well as a little bit more costly range, that beat Creative’s cards with both the inserts as well as with latency.

    The audio card I’m using in my desktop setup is a budget range card, ESI Juli@, which at least seems to have beta version drivers for both 32 and 64 bit Vista. Check it out at!

  3. Hey, nice blog you’ve got here!

    I recently had a little nostalgia trip back to the pre-Windows music software. Not so easy to find support for DOS based formats any longer, so the tide does move both ways.

    I’m also thinking of building a little DAW of my own, just to have a some fun with my old samples and draft tunes. I might go for FL Studio, since I played around with Fruityloops back in the days and don’t want a huge learning curve.

  4. I just want to add that quite a few sequencers that are VERY good and, even better, cheap, support Vista too now. (The problem in general with Vista and audio production lies within Vista itself, many laptop-users report stuttering audio, glitches and so on – my machine suffers from that too, so your choice to use XP is VERY wise…).
    some worth to take a look at and supporting Vista are:

    – Reaper (from cockos, the developer, Justin Fraenkel is frankly;-) a genius)

    – Podium from Zynewave, made by another wonderful developer

    – EnergyXT 2 (a great host that still has some bugs, but you get version 1.4 with it, which runs stable and is a worthwhile addition to ANY sequencer, because you can load EXT as a vst or vsti into your sequencer of choice!)

    – Orion Platinum from synapse audio, a very great host that is slightly similar to FL Studio. The built-in effects and synths in this one are worth to take a look at. The 7.5 version which is upcoming supports 32- and 64-bit-machines, I’ve been told.

    For all with audio glitches (even if you just play any mp3…) you might want to read an article called “why Vista sounds worse” published in the british newspaper the Guardian. I don’t have a link right now and my internet connection is more than poor right here, so you’d have to google. But it is a good read, and the conclusion is: stay with XP for the moment!

  5. aneed some help with this vista thing…

    i got a vaio laptop… and for some strange reason windows vista deactivate my midi controller (trigger finger), when im playing or doing anything on live 7…

    please help me

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